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Tips on Opening up a Salon or Spa™

There are many factors to consider when opening up a salon or spa. You must determine what you want your salon or spa to look like, if you want to hire short or long-term employees, and what you want clients to know about your business. For example, perhaps you want to exude a more sophisticated appearance. In that case, you should market your business as an all-inclusive medi-spa and salon that boasts fewer lines and thus generates more revenue. It can also feature a selection of unique and high-quality products, among other things.


You also may consider your spa or salon's retail area. You can include a sitting area by a window, which conveys a boutique-like feel and have employees stationed nearby to assist clients and provide demonstrations on different spa or salon services.

The front desk is an important part of any spa or salon. It can include a desk with high-back chairs, which creates an invisible wall and an intimate area for clients, which allows for more privacy. The front desk area can also include products, providing a boutique atmosphere in which clients can feel comfortable in browsing your products.

Your salon or spa shouldn't be too cramped and stylist stations should not feature family pictures unless you're going for a "homey" look. In addition, professional stylists need to dress in a manner appropriate to the salon's culture.