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Would you like to look and feel better? CHANDA Luxury Beauty of Park City, UT, shows you how to recharge your overall health and appearance with beauty programs. With more than 30 years of beauty industry experience for health and beauty cutting edge programs, her health and beauty programs and utilize experts of top professional in their field to educate our clients helping you to meet your goals. We use Ultimate Pain Remedy prior during and post fitness/training sessions. Ultimate Pain Remedy is an all natural, fast acting, non sticky, product  that has a non-offensive odor that rubs in quickly and is long-lasting. Experience with us a pain free life. 

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Ultimate Pain Remedy™
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Hand Pain

Ultimate Pain Remedy

It is a combination of natural pain blocking and anti-inflammatory ingredients that deeply penetrate the source of pain.
Ultimate Pain Remedy delivers fast-acting, long-lasting pain relief that lasts for hours.


All Natural Pain Relief 
Muscle and Joint Recovery
Relief from: 
Sports Injuries - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - Tennis Elbow - Golfer's Elbow - Tendonitis - Bursitis - Arthritis - Fibromyalgia

Back Pain

Carpal Pain
Apply Ultimate Pain Remedy to the carpal tunnel area and around the circumference of the wrist front and back.

Made with certified organic ingredients:
Aloe, Sea Minerals, MSM, Menthol, Magnesium, Clove Leaf, Olive Leaf Essential Oil, Peppermint Oil, Camphor, Arnica, Capsicum, Boswellia Oil.

Back Pain
Apply Ultimate Pain Remedy across the width of the entire lower back to relieve the pain and reduce spasms

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain
Apply Ultimate Pain Remedy to Treat the should blade as well as a full 360° around the rotator cuff in order to get relief

Special Note

The number of consecutive applications increases the strength and effect of Ultimate Pain Remedy. To control the desire of intensity, wait one minute to reapply, allowing the product to take full effect.

You will need to wash hands immediately after you apply.

Neck PainNeck Pain
Apply Ultimate Pain Remedy to surround the pain by treating the entire back of your neck and not just one little area that hurts



I am a NASM CPT and am FNS Certified. I currently train clients at Vasa Fitness. I earned my Bachelors of Science Degree in Exercise Science from Utah Valley University where I currently teach Fitness for Life.

I experienced long lasting results with Ultimate Pain Remedy and will recommend it to my clients. I have not experienced such great results with other products.

Kim Delgrosso – Co-Owner "Utahs Best" Center Stage Performing Arts • Dance Instructor
Condition – Twerked Ankle

I twerked my ankle getting out of my car in excruciating pain, my husband carried me to bed. He applied Ultimate Pain Remedy generously to my ankle, calf, and foot, several times. The next day I was back on my feet teaching my dance students. I highly recommend Ultimate Pain Remedy.

Thank you.

Kim - Dance Instructor

MH - Volleyball Enthusiast

MH – Volleyball Enthusiast • Mother of 5
Condition – Achilles Tendon

During a game of volleyball I pulled my Achilles Tendon. CHANDA  applied the ultimate remedy to the Achilles tendon and the surround area. Immediately I felt relief, the next day I was walking pain free and was playing volleyball with my team. Ultimate Pain Remedy for relieving pain fast.

Thank You...

Irene – Physical Therapist
Condition – Planters Fasciitis

I am on my feet 10 to 13 hours a day as a physical therapist. I have suffered from Planters Fasciitis for years.  I have tried numerous products on the market to alleviate my constant pain without success. When CHANDA introduced me to the Ultimate Pain Remedy, I felt relief!  I purchased 3 bottles on the spot.  I am now able to sleep, uninterrupted throughout the night, pain-free into my workday. The results I experienced of being pain-free are truly amazing. I use it daily. I enjoy recommending this natural and organic pain relief product to my family and friends.

Thank you.

Irene – Physical Therapist

Michael  – D.D.S. Orem Ut.

Michael  – D.D.S. Orem Ut.
Condition – Neck, Shoulder, and Back Pain

Due to the nature of my profession, (dental), requires my body to be in unnatural neck twisting, shoulder and back torking positions while working on patients for hours a day. When I apply the Ultimate Pain Remedy to those painful areas, I notice relief lasting the entire day!
Added benefit of the Ultimate Pain Remedy  is the ease in application , its not sticky, no pungent smell, so it is (patient-work atmosphere) friendly, and rubs in quickly. I have added applying Ultimate Pain Remedy to my gym routine, pre. and post workouts. I'm recommending Ultimate Pain Remedy to friends!

Thank You...

Eugene - bookkeeper
Condition - Lower back pain

9-10 hours of sitting at a desk and computer stressed his lower back. Weekly massages, and Ultimate Pain Remedy have helped to keep the muscles relaxed. He noted that his lower back tightness has been released, and the effects of Applying the Ultimate Pain Remedy were evident into the next day. 

Robert - disability retirement
Condition - Knee pain

After surviving 4 car accidents he has been in constant therapy. He expressed at the moment he did not have any pain, but agreed to test the Ultimate Pain Remedy to see if he felt any sensation at all. After two consecutive applications he noted he felt heat in his knee and upon moving his leg up and down there was not a catch which he had experienced daily. His knee now was moving fluidly up and down. 


Insurance Company
Condition - Knee pain

Three workers of the company complained of constant pain. After a demonstration with the Ultimate Pain Remedy applied to their knees all three women experienced immediate relief and purchased the product.

Shirley - Business woman
Condition - Severe headache

She developed a severe headache, after applying the Ultimate Pain Remedy to her temples, within 5 minutes she noticed the headache was completely gone.


Dana - Tennis Player/Home maker
Conditions - Elbow and Carpel tunnel pain.

She is an avid tennis player and began experiencing constant pain. She began applying the Ultimate Pain Remedy to her elbow and forearm, and received relief noting that her arm felt relaxed and the tension in her elbow was significantly less. She keeps the Ultimate Pain Remedy in her tennis bag. 


Pat - retired
Condition - Arthritis-in fingers

She explained her fingers feel like they're on fire all the time. After one application of the Ultimate Pain Remedy, she felt a heating sensation, and within 5 minutes noticed the fire was gone. Impressed she purchased a bottle on the spot.

Chanda - Health and Beauty Consultant, Stylist
Licensed Cosmetologist (over 30 years)
Condition - Upper Back pain, extreme leg cramps

Uses the Ultimate Pain Remedy daily before and after exercising at the gym as a preventive to injury. The Ultimate Pain Remedy allows her upper back muscle to relax. Leg spasms usually occur at night, while she is sleeping the pain is so extreme unable to get up she keeps the Ultimate Pain Remedy on her bed table. She further notes as soon as she applies the Pain Remedy the cramping pain is gone instantly! While training for a 26 mile marathon she was running an average of 8-9 miles a day. She applied the Ultimate Pain Remedy to what she terms points of pressure (lower back, knees, neck, upper back) before and after running she noted I never experienced muscle fatigue and was one of the 4 runners on her marathon training team that did not go out on leave due to injury. In a most remarkable note, while running stepped off the curb and torqued her ankle. She iced it for 20 minutes and applied the Ultimate Pain Remedy every 15 minutes for 45 minutes the swelling subsided. The next day she was back to work 10 hours on her feet Pain Free. Two days later she was running 8 miles.

Retail store Retail catering to runners

A presentation of the Ultimate Pain Remedy was given to the proprietor of this exclusive runners boutique. The owner was so impressed with the activity she felt from the Ultimate Pain Remedy she had her employees try it. The employees where all interested in selling the product. One in particular asked C H A N D A  how he could purchase it directly. The owner of this store provides clinics on various subjects for clients as well as running events. The owner is interested in discussing how to incorporate the Ultimate Pain Remedy into her programs. 

Laura - Business woman - Frequent Flyer
Condition - Lower Back pain

I was under chiropractor care do to an injured back. CHANDA listened to my lamenting about my back pain. "I've got just what you need" CHANDA said "you need Ultimate Pain Remedy". This stuff worked like magic! I take it with me when I travel just in case. It is amazing, and it works! 

Darlene - House Keeper
Condition - Wrist-hand injury

Eight years ago I tripped and used my hand to break my fall. After having it x-rayed, nothing showed not to be broken, however after several weeks and my doctor telling me it was badly bruised, the pain was unbearable he suggested pain-killers, which I chose to live without. Chanda, introduced me to Ultimate Pain Remedy. She advised me in applying the product to sore areas in small amounts at a time, a little goes a long way, and could repeat the layering process if necessary, applying Ultimate Pain Remedy twice a day did the trick, I am now able to tie my shows, and do simple everyday tasks my husband had to help me with before, I am pain free! And if the pain flares up I apply it and go on my busy day. #Note- Because of my results I recommended it to my mother of age 80 who has tried every product regardless of price. She applied the Ultimate Pain Remedy and received instant relief and now buys four bottles of Pain Remedy per order to insure she is never without. Thank you!

Madeline - Home maker
Condition - Arthritis-In her fingers

She applied the Ultimate Pain Remedy, and noticed her fingers felt more relaxed after approximately 3 applications. 


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