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Listed below you will find common concerns we know clients have, such as the condition of your skin, scalp and hair reacting to the different environmental factors you encounter while traveling for business, vacationing or relocating your residence to a different state. (Even within the same state weather, temperature, water etc. can differ vastly). Here we provide you with our signature professional tool to assist you in reaching your health and wellness goals, Facilitated with our exclusive C H A N D A luxury natural • organic skin, scalp, hair product line..


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Dry Hair/Oily Hair/Combo

There are numerous  contributing factors for dry hair.Listed below are a few key points. To answer the why, and simple solutions and how to achieve optimal scalp and hair health :
Renew   Repair  • Refresh
C H A N D A • luxury, natural • organic product line for skin, scalp and hair
• inclusive line for all ethnicity, skin, scalp, hair types, women, men & children

If you are shampooing your hair daily,
1 – Try every other day instead. By shampooing every day the potential of stripping the scalp and hair of its natural oils (lubricants) may alter the scalp's pH negatively and certainly dry out scalp and hair. Sebum, is the body's natural oil, is not the same as adding moisture - scalps need to be hydrated. Shampooing every other day allows the scalp to rest, recharge, and regenerate. Water- only rinsing of hair, can be especially drying natural curly hair, to scalp and hair not to mention any sebum or styling product is now glue-like in the hair. Especially drying effect for wavy or curly hair.
2 – Every 2-3 days gives the scalp opportunity to further recharge, through brushing from scalp to ends, taking small sections, in between shampooing, with a boar bristle brush, you stimulate the blood flow. Natural oils off of the scalp, through the hair strand to ends naturally protecting it and removes unwanted skin collecting on the scalp which is vital for healthy hair growth is brushing, removing old skin cells from scalp.
3 – 4 days is for people who secrete minimal amounts of sebum (oil) and do not exert themselves to the point of excreting necessary amounts of sebum for more frequent shampooing. Brushing the scalp and hair in between shampooing is always recommended for maintaining proper scalp and hair health.
4 – 5 days or more without shampooing may have a negative effect on the integrity of the scalp and hair due to the possible build up of cellular glue (sebum) which inhibits the scalps ability to properly breathe, also clogs the follicle, resulting in thinning hair or hair loss.

C H A N D A SHAMPOO (cleansing gel)
C H A N D A SHAMPOO ingredients are formulated to hydrate and fortify your scalp and hair at the cellular level. 

Water temperatures
• Water temperatures for shampooing is so important.
• Your hair expands and retract to hot and cold water.
• Use lukewarm water to wet the hair before shampooing
• Rinse hair in lukewarm water, final rinse should be with cool water.
• Cool water closes the cuticle, soothes the scalp, imparts shine to hair strand.

 C H A N D A CONDITIONER (conditioning creme)
C H A N D A CONDITIONER ingredients are formulated to hydrate and fortify your scalp and hair at the cellular level.

Styling Aides
C H A N D A CONDITIONER is the perfect leave-in for conditioning and styling hair.
• Aloe Complex, is a fabulous effective, weightless gel, helps to calm fly away hair, soothes the scalp, adds body and shine to hair strand.
• Sea Water adds subtle body to hair strands, nourishes the scalp, and promotes luminous shine to hair strands. Light, subtle, fresh lime scent.
• Ultimate Rose adds subtle body to hair strands, nourishes the scalp, and promotes luminous shine to hair strands. Light, subtle, fresh rose scent.
• Above mentioned styling aides may be used on clean towel- dried hair, and again on dried hair for dry styling.

Supplements - Feeding The Scalp inside and out
• Quality Multi-Vitamin with Biotin excellent for hair, skin, and nails.

• Omega 3
• Unsweetened Aloe Vera Juice/Drink
• Aloe complex gel (Apply to skin, scalp, and hair)

• For the athletic swimmer. Rinse hair after every swim session. You are an exception to the 2-3 day rule.
• Use C H A N D A CONDITIONER, apply to your scalp, hair stand through to the ends prior to swimming even if you're wearing a swim cap.
• Use C H A N D A CONDITIONER and leave in the hair after swim session.
• For the occasional swimmer, same tools and techniques apply.
• Beach ocean swimmers, lake, and river swimmers same tools and techniques apply.

Tinting Your Hair
• Many professional salon hair colors (tints) have been engineered to moisturize during the color process reducing the drying effects on hair. However, it's important to follow up your service with exceptionally-formulated scalp and hair products. C H A N D A LUXURY NATURAL ORGANIC PRODUCTS provide you with the tools you will need to keep your scalp and hair healthy.
• Many box colors available for sale to the public (non-professional) can dry the scalp and hair, leaving the overall appearance dull and uneven in color and tone. Click here to see tips for find a stylist/ how to have an effective consultation
• Use C H A N D A SHAMPOO and CONDITIONER post all hair color treatments.